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Why are millet snacks superior to all other snack options?

by Suresh, 13 Dec 2023

Grain varieties known as millets are very nourishing and are frequently cultivated for their edible qualities. They are widely utilised as a staple food in underdeveloped nations and are common throughout most of the world. Because millets have significant quantities of fibre, protein, vitamins, and minerals, they are frequently regarded as more nutritious than other cereals like wheat and rice.

Millets have a low glycemic index (GI), which indicates that the body absorbs them slowly and does not experience abrupt surges in blood sugar levels. This is one of its main benefits. For those who already have diabetes or are at risk of getting it, this is advantageous since it can prevent the chance of blood sugar spikes and lessen the likelihood of long-term health issues.

Millets have a low GI and a high fibre content, which can help with digestion and reduce the chance of constipation. They are a good source of protein, which the body needs for tissue growth and repair. Additionally, some evidence points to the potential health advantages of millets, including lowered cancer risk and improved heart health.

Millets have many health advantages over maida, a processed kind of wheat flour. They are rich in antioxidants and have a high fibre and protein content. Additionally free of gluten, millets make a healthy snack option for anyone with a gluten sensitivity. On the other hand, maida's high glycemic index might result in overindulging in fat and refined carbohydrates, thereby disrupting metabolism and contributing to health problems such as inflammation.

In general, millets are a wholesome and nutrient-dense option for meals and snacks. Those who want to control their weight, control their blood sugar, or strengthen their digestive system should use them in particular.

Why should millet cookies be a part of your child's diet?

Children that are growing have distinct nutritional needs. They require foods high in nutrients to provide them with energy and enable their bodies to grow and develop to their full potential.

Frequently referred to as a superfood, millet is a hero ingredient that provides children with a multitude of nutrients and health advantages. Since millet has been a staple of our diet for millennia, its remarkable health benefits for kids are gaining traction once more.

It is a member of the family of grasses with small seeds, and its varieties include:

•    Jowar
•    Bajra
•    Ragi
•    Kuttu
•    Rajgira

Children should be encouraged to eat millet cookies for the following scientifically supported reasons:

Keeps stomach aches at bay

Children's complaints of stomach aches are common. Their fragile digestive systems make them susceptible to disease. A great source of fibre that helps maintain regular bowel motions and ward against constipation are millet cookies.

Additionally, they contain a lot of prebiotics, which help kids' digestive health.

Encourage their development and growth

The Hindu Business Line quoted research showing that millets can increase a child's growth by about 50% in just three months. For them to continue growing and developing, nutrients are necessary, particularly for the metabolism of bone.

Rich in many different nutrients, millet cookies can help avoid nutritional deficits. They include a lot of proteins and amino acids, which help muscles grow and get stronger over time.

Prevents illness

Children's immune systems are still developing, thus they are more vulnerable to viral and bacterial diseases. The Food Chemistry Journal reports that millet cookies have a high phenolic acid content. Due to the antioxidant and antibacterial qualities of these acids, diseases that cause infections in children are prevented.

Healthier teeth and bones

According to a University of Reading study, millet cookies have three times the calcium content of milk and are hence calcium rich. Children benefit most from this because their teeth and bones are still developing and require this nutrient to grow and become stronger.

Additionally, the calcium in millet cookies fortifies their neural system and aids with hormone regulation.

Prevents obesity in children

Approximately 20% of youngsters in India are fat, according to a report published in the Indian Journal of Medical Research. Eating foods high in calories and leading a poor lifestyle, which includes little exercise, are the main causes of this. Hereditary and specific medical conditions could be additional variables.

For whatever reason, children who are overweight may develop a number of health problems. Breathlessness, elevated cholesterol, joint discomfort, and low self-worth are a few of these.

Compared to cookies produced with refined flour, millet cookies have a lower glycemic index. They stop blood sugar surges and maintain a stable level, averting major long-term health issues.

Prevent childhood anemia

A child's health can be seriously affected by childhood anaemia, which is a major health issue. It frequently results in symptoms like extreme exhaustion, headaches, tongue discomfort, etc.

How do you pick your children's favourite millet cookies?

It can be difficult to select the best millet cookie for your children when there are so many varieties on the market. Before purchasing a pack of millet biscuits, consider the following:

•    The cookies ought to be composed entirely of organic components; 
•    They ought to be free of hydrogenated oil and margarine
•    They ought to use natural sweeteners like jaggery rather than refined sugar.
•    Chemical preservatives, artificial coloring, or additions should not be present in the millet cookies.


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