Coronavirus – Break it to Control it

A possible way for Universal Control of Coronavirus or any other Virus

Coronavirus is airborne.  This has now been confirmed in The Lancet, world’s number one magazine in this field.

Coronavirus travels fairly long distances and can move from one person to another through the air they breathe.  The closer they are to each other the faster the coronavirus spreads.  One may be asymptomatic and the other may be lacking in immunity and the attack of the virus may be high.

Particularly in a small house in India, people sleep closer to each other, and coronavirus spread is faster and through breathing it passes on from asymptomatic person to others. 

How do we control corona?

First, we need to understand the structure of the corona. Corona, like a stool with 3 legs, consists of RNA, Protein, and Lipid (fat). The variants between RNA and Protein that make it from one virus variant to another. The lipid is an outer layer that performs several functions including protecting the virus as a whole and giving strength to the spikes through which corona enters our body. 

How does coronavirus enter our body?

Coronavirus enters our body through the epithelial cells found in abundance in the nose, mouth and throat.  Throat is a warehouse for corona where it multiplies and goes down to the entire body, particularly lungs.

Our Invention:

Our invention helps to deactivate corona inside our body by emulsifying the lipid/fat and removing it from the main structure.  Our formulation contains an emulsifier that is used in pharmaceutical industries for decades to emulsify the fat to produce the pharmaceutical emulsion preparation. The product is approved by US Pharmacopeia. 

Our emulsifier is a non-ionic surfactant called Polyoxyl Hydrogenated Castor Oil, a derivative of castor oil.  Its function is to reduce the interfacial surface tension between the fat and water and help to make an emulsion.  In our invention, for the first time in the world, we are utilizing the surfactant ability to emulsify the fat (lipid) of the virus.

BASF, the world-renowned manufacturer of Polyoxyl Hydrogenated Castor Oil and the brand name is Cremophor RH 40 and Kolliphor RH 40, have done in vitro and in vivo trials on the product with regard to some other chemical reaction and have found that the emulsifier works well on glycoprotein which is in the spikes.  Their trials are published in Americal Society for Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics. Source Link.

Our formulation also contains Coconut Oil which produces monolaurin, an excellent antiviral product.  Apart from this, it also contains essential oils such as Clove Oil, Cinnamon Oil, and Peppermint Oil, all of which have excellent antiviral properties.

Our Solution to fight Corona: Korona Guard

Our Product – Korona Guard is available in 3 forms – Liquid Gargler, Nasal Spray, and Candy.
Our product travels through the same area that corona travels and is expected to help attack the fat layer of corona and disintegrate the total structure.

Directions for Use:

Korona Guard Liquid Gargler:
Take 2 spoons or 10 ml of our product, smear it on the lips, swash it in the entire mouth, and gargle and swallow.  In this way, our product enters through the same route of coronavirus and emulsifies the fat of the virus. Since it stays in the epithelial cells of the entire mouth it helps protect a person from any action of the corona by emulsifying the fat.  On the other hand, if coronavirus has already entered the mouth, the application of our product will help in emulsifying the fat before it goes down from the throat to the body.

Korona Guard Nasal Spray:
Coronavirus first enters a storage point which is the mucous membrane of the nose. By applying our Nasal Spray, we can prevent the entry of corona through the nose vis-a-vis, it can also help in attacking any coronavirus that is lodged in the mucous membrane.

Korona Guard Candy
Our candy containing our emulsifier (surfactant) dissolves and goes to the throat to attack coronavirus if it stays in the throat or to protect the throat from the entry of the virus.

The liquid gargler has to be gargled thrice a day.  Nasal spray and Candy can be used particularly when one is required to meet the others in close proximity. 

Has this been proven?

Our is an invention for the first time in the world.  We have tried with ICMR for more than one year requesting them to validate our product and at last, they had informed us that they have no facility to do such in vitro experiments.  However, based on their suggestion, we contacted several research institutes and below is the response we have received.

The product you have developed will be a breakthrough in the fight against any virus especially airborne in nature.

Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology, Kannur University

Our product is not a drug.  Our product is an emulsifier/surfactant used in all pharmaceutical preparations.  Hence the government can administer our product on a corona thick population and see the results for themselves. 

In the absence of availability of any testing procedure and in the context of faster spreading of virus one has to assess the efficacy of our product by administering this on a controlled population. We have done this on 100 volunteers, who despite living in close proximity to corona positive persons have not contracted corona.

Study at SIMS Hospital

Similarly, SIMS Hospital has administered our product on corona positive 500 patients and found the results very encouraging. They have recommended the use of our product as “prophylactic and preventive agent against the virus or any other infections affecting respiratory tract”.

It is for the central and state government to use our product and find its efficacy. 

We are prepared to give a free sample to the government for this purpose.  If found working our product can be distributed to a much larger population to provide relief from corona spread. 

In the context of the entire world belittling our country, our Make in India product will totally reduce corona spread in maximum three months if the government is interested to try it. Our product is of special importance in the context of the second wave as our product will deactivate strong spikes of the new corona mutant.  This is due to the fact that lipid which gets emulsified will make the spikes deactivate particularly with water being a part of emulsion.

Last but not the least:

Since our product emulsifies/dissolves the lipid and since the lipid is an outer cover of almost all viruses, our product should be universally applicable for not only Coronavirus and its variants but also for any other virus past, present and future.   If successful, India can be proud of it and make the world virus-free.

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