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About the Brand Dezire LG Natural

Dezire LG is a health focused brand of food products that is Sugarfree, Low Glycemic, Low Calorie and yet simply delicious! Dezire takes its pride to be the first of its kind in the country, to offer a whole basket of products which are 100% Natural, well researched, clinically proven, best in taste (like the ones made in sugar otherwise) and suitable for people all ages, including kids, and health watchers. Our basket of products includes, Sugar Substitute, Jams, Squash (Drink Concentrate), Cookies, Cakes, Indian Sweets & Desserts and much more.

Key Features of our Products:

  • Low Glycemic Food – Caters to all the diabetics, health watchers and people with blood sugar issues. Low GI Foods are always recommended by leading Dieticians and Diabetologists.
  • Sugar Free – For people looking for an alternative to Sugar, and still not miss the sweet tooth.
  • Best in Taste – For those who have tried other sugar free products and turned down by their bitter after-taste.. Our products taste as similar to those made with sugar.
  • Natural Ingredients – From sweetener, to the smallest ingredient, we ensure the best, which is available naturally, thus making it safe without any health effects.
  • Loaded with Health benefits - Our products not only satisfy the taste buds, but are also loaded with scientifically backed health benefits in the long term.

Dezire is looking for Partner Stores across the India to expand its offerings and presence to major metros and cities across India through this program. Existing and new retail businesses are invited to partner with us to offer a wide range of unique and health focused food products catering to the diabetic, pre-diabetic and health conscious customers in your area.

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We want to give you 10% off of your first order. Use this Code in checkout to get the discount.
Stop Right There!
We want to give you 10% off of your first order. Use this Code in checkout to get the discount.
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