Loved eating the Sweets without feeling Guilty


Customer Review:

I have been a Diabetic for the Past 10 Years.

But couldn't avoid eating sweets.

One day, I came to know about Dezire sweets from an Advertisement.

Then I went ahead a tried the sweets from one of their outlets near DMS in Chennai.

The Taste was really good.

The Other main factor was being able to eat sweets without feeling guilty of eating sweets as they were sugar free.

So, I was really happy to eat and try out more of their sweets.

I often purchase Dezire sweets wherever I go, Even in Nilgiri's super market.

Eventhough, I am a diabetic, I am not able to avoid the urge to eat sweets. So whenever, I get that urge to eat sweets, I purchase Dezire products.

I have also try any new products they add to their stores.

My Favourite are Gulab Jaman, Kaju Katli. I am so happy to see new products being added.

I would also recommend they add Soan Papdi to their list of Products as I really Liked them (Soan Papdi).

I would highly recommend any diabetic patient to try out Dezire products and enjoy them guilt free.

- Mr. Sunderarajan

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