Managing Diabetes with Low Glycemic Products

No meal is truly complete without a sweet. Craving for that piece of sweet indulgence is something that each and every one of us is familiar with. Honestly, who wouldn't enjoy that deep sense of satisfaction and happiness that sweets give? How about poor Diabetes patients? It is sad that they get deprived of even such simple joys of life - like a kheer during festivals or a sweet during a function. Such need to avoid Sugar often only leads to frustration and despondency. When such diabetics feel frustrated, it makes the family members also guilty to enjoy a piece of sweet. But a keener understanding and adopting of Low Glycemic Products is likely to bring a much welcome balance in our lives between health and taste.

The Key word in Diabetes management is 'Low Glycemic'. HighGlycemic products are those that raise ones blood sugar levels to very high levels when consumed. On the other hand, Low Glycemic Products are those which when consumed will keep the blood sugar levels within the safe zones. Sugar being a very High Glycemic product elevates the blood sugar levels to danger zones. Hence Diabetic Patients are warned to keep away from Sugar completely. Artificial and Zero Calorie sweeteners on the other hand come with their own set of problems and side-effects.  It is here that Levulose comes in as an ideal alternate. Being a Low Glycemic Sweetener, it is not only completely natural, but does not have the bitter after-taste and the side effects of artificial sweeteners.

Levulose is a natural sweetener that is extracted from the natural sweetness of Apple and Orange. Let us understand why Levulose is so good and absolutely safe for health watchers, diabetic patients as well as everybody else. There are some proven benefits of using Levulose instead of sugar or Artificial/Zero calorie sweeteners.

No side effects unlike artificial sweeteners:

It is a natural sweetener that is extracted from the sweetness of fruits. It does not lead to those negative side effects that most artificial sweeteners have.

Levulose has very low glycemic index level compared to Cane sugar:

Glycemic index indicates therelative ability of a carbohydrate food to increase the level of glucose in the blood. Higher the glycemic index, higher the rate of food’s ability to increase the level of glucose in blood, leading to high blood glucose level. So, while Glucose has a very High Glycemic Index of 100,Sugar and Pure Honey second and third in terms of Glycemic Index (GI) with High GI of  65 and honey at 55 respectively.  On the other hand, Levulose has a very Low Glycemic Index of just 19. This indicates why consuming Levulose is a safe alternate in place of Sugar.

Levulose is much sweeter than sugar:

Levulose is 1.7 times sweeter than sugar. Hence only lesser quantity is required. This makes it ideal not only for diabetics but also health and   weight conscious people.

Levulose has mellowed sweet taste:

Unlike other natural sweeteners like stevia that are extracted from leaves,Levulose, gives a mellowed sweet taste and does not leave any bitter after-taste. Thus, diabetes patients and health watchers can surely reach satiety with Levulose and satisfy their craving for sugar.

Good for children and pregnant women:

Unlike artificial sweeteners that children and pregnant women are not supposed to consume, Levulose is a natural sweetener that can be consumed by everybody.

Levulose prevents unhealthy snacking:

Since Levulose provides a sustained energy, it helps prevent unhealthy and unnecessary snacking. Thus, it serves as a very ideal diet for weight watchers.

Having understood the benefits of consuming Low Glycemic Natural Sweetenersnow would be the perfect time to switch for better things in life. There are different brands available in the market that sell natural sweeteners made out of levulose and can be added to beverages, instead of sugar. So the next time you feel the craving for a piece of Gulab Jamun or Jangiri, go for one that is made from Natural Low Glycemic Sweetener.

If you are not aware about a good brand that sells a variety of Indian sweets, you should perhaps try ‘Dezire LG Natural’, a popular Indian brand that sells sweets made with Levulose as the primary sweet ingredient in them. They have a wide range of products from natural sweetener, jams, squashes, cookies to yummy Indian sweets. For more information, check out

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