Benefits of Dezire

Why Dezire LG is Great for You

Very Low Glycemic – Helps Blood Sugar Control

Dezire LG Natural Sweetener has a Very Low Glycemic Index of only 19. Thus it helps control your blood sugar levels. Hence it is an ideal product for you.

What is Glycemic Index ?

Glycemic Index is basically a measure of how much your blood sugar levels increase when you eat a carbohydrate. So a Low Glycemic Product is good for you because it increases your Blood Sugar levels only marginally. Conversely, a High Glycemic Index product is bad for you because it increases your Blood Sugar Levels Significantly. Glucose and Sugar are Bad for you because they are High Glycemic Index (GI) Products having a Glycemic Index of 100 and 65 respectively.

Being a Low Glycemic Product, Dezire is great for you in two ways:

For Diabetics

If you are a Diabetic, Product with Low Glycemic Index is helpful for you.

For Non Diabetics

If you are not a Diabetic but are a Health Conscious Person, it gives you Sustained Energy and prevents you from the urge to snack on unhealthy snacks. Unlike sugar which gives you an immediate rush and then causes your body to crash afterwards, A Low Glycemic product gives you sustained energy and keeps you satiated and happy for longer. So if you want to watch your waist and weight, Dezire LG is the way to go!

Tastes Best like Sugar

Dezire LG Natural Sweetener has a mellowed sweet after taste, tastes just like Sugar. It has NO Bitter After-Taste unlike any other artificial sweeteners as well as Stevia available in the market which leave you with a bitter aftertaste. So you’ll enjoy the prolonged and pleasant sweetness in your taste buds.

100% Natural

Dezire LG is made using Levulose which is a Natural Sweetener, abundantly found in fruits like apples. Moreover, we use 100% Natural Ingredients in all our Products. Our Lemon Ginger & Lemon Squashes are made from 100% Real Lemons. Our Apple Jams are made from 100% Real Apple Pulp. So when you bite into Dezire LG Delights, you are biting into Nature itself!

Sugar Free

Dezire LG Health Products are made using Levulose – a Natural Sweetener that is ideal for Diabetics and Health Watchers. Intense Clinical Trials on Dezire LG Natural Sweetener have been conducted by Dr Seshiah’s Diabetic Care and Research Institute and they have been proven not just safe, but also ideal for people who want to keep their blood sugar levels under control. Dr Mohan’s Diabetes Speciality Center has conducted clinical studies on Dezire LG Sugar-Free Sweets on their inpatients and approved as ideal for Diabetics and Health Watchers. For more details, refer to the clinical trials.

No Side Effects – Safe and Suitable for everyone

Many Sugar-Free Products available in the market are based in artificial Sweeteners which are labelled as not recommended for children and pregnant women. Dezire LG, being a 100% Natural product, has no side effects. Thus it is safe and suitable for people of all ages when used in moderated quantities.

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We want to give you 10% off of your first order. Use this Code in checkout to get the discount.
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